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Bright Future Ahead For Business Loans in India

Loan for business are required to expand and for further growth of business to the heights of success which is a dream of every industrialist today. Obtaining an office premise of the right size and at the right location at most times is crucial to the success of your business. There are banks like HSBC and S Bi’s which facilitate the people in realising their various dreams. Loan given for business property enables you to make the best choice for further expansion of your business.Strong finance is the lifeline and backbone of the business. Loan for business raises finance for a variety of reasons such as commencing a business unit, improvement, expansion, amalgamation, renovation of premises etc. There are several methods of raising finance such as borrowing from banks, other financial institutions available, non-profit organizations etc. A private sector company raises its finance by way inviting shares or debentures.When a businessman borrows loan from its creditors he is obliged to repay it along with a rate of interest. Generally, a small business firm borrows loan from the financial institutions as it cannot raise finance by merely issuing shares or debentures. Big business concerns must decide a proper capital structure for borrowing loan. If the earnings or profits of the company are fluctuating and not consistent, then the company is incapable of paying regularly to the shareholders their sum of dividends. In majority of cases the company must ideally borrow money through the means of business loan.Business Loan is a very huge and extensive concept which requires an in-depth knowledge on the part of the industrialist and are provided for the various type of concerns such as single proprietorships, partnerships, Private Limited Companies and unlisted Public Limited organizations.Generally small business concerns borrow loans from the banks. They cannot raise finance by issuing shares and debentures. If the total earnings or profits of the company are fluctuating, then the company cannot regularly pay the shareholders the sum of dividends. In cases like these the company should ideally borrow finance through the ways of loan.Generally net Income of the concerned organization should be greater than Rs. 200,000 annually and a maximum of two incomes of the partners or directors having minimum of 25 percent stake each can be collaborated to the total net income of the company. The turnover requirement should be a Rs. 1,000,000 per annum. In the presence of a guarantor who if is involved in the loan purposes than there are certain age requirements. Normally the minimum age of the guarantor must be of 21 years and maximum age of the guarantor should be 65 years at the time of the maturity of loan.Besides working capital business cash advance, some of the customers have used their funds for the purchase of a new equipment or inventory, and selling of old and worn out tools and machinery that is depreciated , Opening new locations or to remodel existing locations launch advertising and promotional programs and payment of bad or old pending debts can also be covered by the use of these forms of financing.It is thus clear that business loans are one of the most important tools of capital formation in the country. They have created a very strong pedestal for the launch of private sector in the country, whose good performance is going to decide the fate of our economy.